Senior Citizen Services

Since its inception in 1988, Brooklyn Chinese-American Association (BCA) has acknowledged that Asian seniors had certain distinctive needs: needs to find companionship in this new country, to improve their physical wellbeing through securing inexpensive nutritious food and medical screenings, to acquire new language skills in order to adjust to the American culture, to socialize, and to find more meaning in life.  All those needs could neither be adequately fulfilled by BCA’s general social services and programs nor by other non-Asian senior centers which are often not linguistically or culturally sensitive enough to pinpoint and address special issues and problems faced by the Asian senior population.  Therefore, though without any government funding, in October 1988,  BCA established the very first senior center in Brooklyn that serves Asians, namely, the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association Sunset Park Asian Senior Center — the first of its kind in the entire borough of Brooklyn.   

Currently,  Brooklyn Chinese-American Association provides the senior citizen services through its four Senior Centers: